The Sightings Map has been updated to show this seasonís nests at Acme, Brighton, Camden, Carlson High School, Fenton, Gibralter, Hartland, Highland, Inwood Road, Joy Road/Whitmore Lake, Kensington MetroPark, Maple River SGA (3 nests-Mead Road, Bridgeville, and Ranger Road), Milford, Newport, Onsted, Pontiac Lake, Romeo, Skuse Road (Hillsdale), Telb/Detroit, Ypsilanti, and a new nest at Lake Odessa in Ionia County.

Membership Information

We would very much like to have you become an active volunteer and help with our field activities.  We are happy to provide field training on the kinds of observations that are important.  When you volunteer, you will be added to your membership roster.

Contact us by clicking here, and you will be added to your database and email list.


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