The Sightings Map has been updated to show this season’s nests at Acme, Brighton, Camden, Carlson High School, Fenton, Gibralter, Hartland, Highland, Inwood Road, Joy Road/Whitmore Lake, Kensington MetroPark, Maple River SGA (3 nests-Mead Road, Bridgeville, and Ranger Road), Milford, Newport, Onsted, Pontiac Lake, Romeo, Skuse Road (Hillsdale), Telb/Detroit, Ypsilanti, and a new nest at Lake Odessa in Ionia County.

May 2004

This month’s award goes to the kind folks of McFarlin Tower Company. They are, from left to right, John McFarlin, Lucinda McFarlin, David Owen, and John Owen. Working for SPRINT and LCC, Inc., they completed antenna installation work on the 180-foot tall cell tower next to Acme Building Materials, Inc, with minimal disturbance to the nesting Ospreys.  They scheduled many installation activities to accommodate the needs of the three two-week old chicks. Each day, Dave even delivered supplemental fish to the nest for the female to feed herself and her brood.  Toward the end of the project, the female would remain on or near the nest while the workers were on the tower. The crew’s willingness to protect the well-being of this Osprey family while doing their work is most appreciated by OWSEM.

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