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Jim Kortge photo; used with permission

July 2006

Our first “Friends of the Osprey” award for 2006 goes to these special people from Skyline Services.  They are, from right to left, Dave Clevinger, Steve Cirelli, Jerry Hawkins, and Brad Leach. For the second year in a row, they took a day out of their busy schedule to rig and climb the Acme and Lake Nepessing towers, safely remove the chicks from the nest ferry them to the ground and then back up after banding, and, finally, safely return the chicks to their nest. This is hot, difficult, very specialized, and potentially hazardous work, and this group of individuals did a marvelous job!

Without their help and dedication in assisting the MDNR and Detroit Zoo staffs with these tasks, banding of the chicks in these two 190 foot high cell tower nests could not have been accomplished.  Their unique support of the Osprey reintroduction efforts in southeast Michigan is truly appreciated and recognized by OWSEM.  We look forward to working with them again next nesting season.

Thanks again, Dave, Jerry, Steve, and Brad!  You guys rock!

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