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02 August 2013

It took some searching from my kayak yesterday morning to finally locate “Independence” but mission accomplished.  He fledged at least 24 hours earlier when no one was looking and had not been spotted by any of the Osprey Paparazzi. We were all somewhat concerned.  While investigating areas where I had noticed his two sisters visiting after their initial flights, I heard a familiar chirping sound, looked up, and, sure enough, there he was.  He flew over my head and circled twice. There was no mistaking him.  Visible was an antenna pointing skyward from between his powerful wings!! I quickly called Jane Purslow, who, along with the rest of the group, was waiting on the shore for any news of his whereabouts.  I knew she had passed the word as I could hear the roaring cheers coming from their direction.

Indi is the last of the southeast Michigan’s three backpacking chicks to fledge. The mapping is wonderful so keep coming to visit this web site and watch all three as they move about their neighborhoods.

This photo was taken by Jane Purslow on 01 August 2013 of Independence.  The transmitter is clearly visible as Independence sits on a shore near his nest.

Jane Purslow photo, used with permission


An interesting article from the Michigan DNR can be found here.  It’s a good read, describing the work it took to outfit these Ospreys with their transmitters.

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