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Banding has been used to study bird movement and migration for centuries and in North America for almost a century.  Since 1923, the North American banding program, administered in the US as the Bird Banding Laboratory, has been a joint effort of the United States Geologic Survey and the Canadian Wildlife Service. In this system, every bird has its recommended band (or bands).  For Ospreys, this is a Size 8 band, with specification of 17.48 mm internal diameter and 15.8 mm band height. As a raptor, Ospreys require a lock-on band to prevent them from removing it.

Other bands are sometimes used.  There can be one or more used on the same bird. OWSEM has generally only applied one, which is color coded as to the year the bird hatched.  In the early stages of the Osprey Reintroduction Program, the color band also had an alphanumeric code printed boldly on it to identify the particular individual.  These are called Hack Bands.  Below is a photo of C09, who was hacked in 1999, with his hack band clearly visible on his left leg in 2013.

FOX2 Airings of the Roberts Road Banding 24 July 2013

This originally aired at 10:00.

This originally aired at 11:00.

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